From Whence They Came

from by Outside Atlas



Where do we go from here
When everything we've known
And everyone we've loved disappear

This is where we both drift apart for good this time
For good this time

No hesitation now, all repitition now
Hands are out to hold, Lord take 'em point the finger now
Waltz through dreary dusks, fog up in the drive way
Spiel on these tracks, the only thing I won't hide away

I need to know I'm loved
Keep me up to date

It's a shame I'm accustomed to this days
Speaking to myself for so long
I don't know what to say to you (To you, my love)
This is where bridges burn and we hum a distracting dirge

So long
God, it's been so long
Dragging knuckles pave a path none trudge along
All the gears we gaurd go unwound
For between smoke and mirrors is where we'll be found

And I just want to show you
I write these prose to draw out tunes
They mold kingdoms with their own hands
But for my utopia I need more than two

No time keeper, keeping time by minding my own
Might dial back a bit, call up whose been ringing my phone
Not bothered by the inflections in your voice
Know by now the chosen never have a choice

It's a shame I'm accustomed to these days
Where sleep is a currency
And I spend it away (Away from here)
My knees hit the dirt once my guilts crystal clear

Threaded thin destiny wreathed around my head
Thrive in the company of those which I've bled for
My ending's noir
Lungs so enriched, throat feeling soar

These are those moments at 4am
These are the quotes that tell us to start again
These are the pieces the maker provides
And these are the feelings that keep us alive

So trust me
Keep faults in check
And know that
I'll be the breath that refracts

So shine bright when you speak
These shadows of self doubt are the last thing you'll see

I'm far from the point that you and I had
I'm not myself, I see that instead

And these answers won't bring me the favors I wanted
I'm hurt and I'm anxious, aching and haunted
Littered with lists of close calls
Through silent hills and empty house halls


from Golden Silence, released December 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Outside Atlas Tampa, Florida

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