Penny & Dime

from by Outside Atlas




What is the measure of a man
When he does, everything he can
To stand for those who can't
To stand for those who...CAN'T


Blind reaching to rectify meanings
Can’t mend a bent mask covering the grieving
Gutters feed the greedy though no woes thrive
Thrice the strikes lead to a door left pried
That's presumably ajar to cipher out fuel
Have at the scraps if you have to
I'm one and another, you’re hardly half full

And so it goes
The woes of the shepherd weigh heavy on the goat
Take all I've written scribbled in the notes
All my flowers bloom leading to the unknown

So I won’t be swept up and handled like you fed us
Function in percussion's, my patterns are so beyond thus
Too lit for walkways, you pass by and fall in
Watch how your knee bends soon as the fall ends

And they say when good men do nothing
All we love just fades away
Yet the antagonists we’re becoming
All our foes save face

Circle of life an avant garde noose
Stay en garde when traversing truths cause
You swear, dancing with the devil’s never fair

Never fair

Eyes equipped with baggage that few could ever manage
I see the plants of doubt and how they unroot the planet
Piece de resistance, repairing the palate
Here's to the dearly depart, no attachments

If I ever go off course, bet your life I planned it
And if I ever rule in hell, bet your soul I'll damn it (2x)

Cause all my tiny moving pieces barely glued together
I speak to God and yet we seem to barely know each other

Now I'm the measure of a man
Who does everything for those who...CAN'T


from Golden Silence, released December 8, 2016



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Outside Atlas Tampa, Florida

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