Weapons Are Not Fine Wines

from by Outside Atlas



We seek the apple of one's eye in your finite absence
Now halving all my habits
You know the boy needs a balance

So I go
So we go
You know
Weathered the storm or so the story's told

Taping together
All the poems
That you swore
You never wrote

Held along the chalk is wove in
Picasso patterns in motion, no denying
Turned every stone till the stones blue
Fucking say it again

The jury misheard you

Tangled in the text, no faults in my basis
Silent nights along cellular exchanges

Tell me what
You want me to do
I hear the bell that tolls for whom

I swim past that wave you're riding
Further than that husk you hide in

It’s not the question that strikes me deep
It’s how far you'll drown to prove it's length

Face it, I need product to get paid in
Waiver weaklings, oh you won't make the weigh in
Pave a way in, cycling through inhalants
This is Hades, oh you thought this was a haven?

From Judecca, dealing sins to spend
Seeding with my peers till our cents are spent
Beating at the gates 'til I make a dent
Look me in my eyes and tell me I ain't with the shit

I've spent so much time
Planning out our lives
This was supposed to be a family

But now that you're gone
I can't shake the feeling
That this was somehow my fault

Coming to terms with my existence, morality and this distance
Oh I'm bridging gaps between the answers and remedies that are so tempting
Like with this nic, it numbs slow despite shorts wicks
And digital visuals flicker in and out while I cast this

Boundless in your venture, brother I swear that I miss ya
Kill for that boy, dare you to drop by and doubt scripture
Your hearts good, believe that
Real love, you need that
Don’t settle for anything less
You’re worth more
And now I see that

This was supposed to be a family


from Golden Silence, released December 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Outside Atlas Tampa, Florida

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